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albataex: What's the biggest argument they've ever had?

Alright. Well, to begin with, SHINee hardly ever talks about their fights behind closed doors. There would be some stories from them like the fights MinKey would have and little misunderstandings like Onew being a little angry when he’s not included in stuff, etc, but no one in SHINee really talks about any major fights they had, from the top of my head lol. But then again I might be wrong idk lol. If anyone’s got any information about this, hit her up 

ukissmeplease: Hey do you know the different languages that each member speaks? I was just curious. Thanks anyway!

He’s also known for his good pronunciation of English words. He could speak some but probably not as fluent as Key could. There’s not many occasions that he showcases his English though so ^^ In his bio is also says that he’s fluent at Chinese but it appears even he didn’t know that so I don’t know to what extent his fluency in Chinese is. 

He sucks at English HAHAHAH no but seriously. He did sing a Chinese song with Zhang Liyin back in 2008 or something but I don’t know how fluent he is in it. He can say “I am Jonghyun” in Chinese though. 

Dis gurl can speak English like a natural. He’s the most fluent in Japanese in the group as well.

Pre-debut Minho learned a bit of Chinese but he doesn’t really show much of what he knows so I’m going to guess he stopped learning it. He’s not as fluent in Japanese and English as much as Key but he can speak some. 

He’s the second best at Japanese. 

All members, however, constantly learn Japanese whenever they have free time so they all have a fairly good amount of knowledge in Japanese. So far only Onew and Key can be considered “fluent” in English. 

It’s SHINee’s first triple crown on M!Countdown. 14/03/13

radqueenmab: OMFG I ship ontae too! :D they suit each other so well <3 I don't really ship onkey though... Do you ship onho? Cuhs idk i just can't, it doesn't look right to me D,: or onhyun D:

Not too fond of onho lol but jongyu’s relationship is qt qt. but not enough that i’d ship them. 

ontae, 2min, TAEKEYYY

anything with taemin in it. he’ll be the neko in every relationship. a whiny neko. 

kucingjaketijo: are you onkey shipper? it's so hard to find many onkey shipper T3T

Yes, but only because they’re my top two biases…. OTL 

I’m more of an OnTae………………………………………… BUT ONKEY IS YUM TOO 

Seeing a pig in your dream is always a good sign, according to Onew.

(Source: youtube.com)

To train for his debut musical “Brave Brothers”, Onew practiced with heels on.

SHINee won Popular Star Award and Bonsang in Golden Disk Award in Malaysia 2013. 

Daesang went to sunbae Super Junior. 

Key would rather go see a movie than go shopping on a first date.

the winner

I’ve been so busy with school and work lately so I haven’t been able to make this post, but I’ll reveal the winner right now. 


I sent the parcel on the 13th and it’s been nearly a week already but I guess it hasn’t reached her yet? This is what I pay for living in stupid New Zealand (the mail price thing was expensive too). But I hope it reaches her soon. 

This concludes our first ever giveaway! Maybe in the future we’ll have another one. ^^ 

Jonghyun is such a fan of Kang Tae Jun in TTBY that he once changed the channel in the TV to TTBY so that everyone else could watch it.

I have already notified the winner of the giveaway (chosen by random). I can’t tell you the name right now because if they don’t reply in 24 hours, then they will be disqualified and I will pick another winner. If/When they answer, then I’ll send the album to them via mail and reveal to you who it is! And hopefully they can take a picture of the album with them to show that they received the gift? :) Thank you for those who participated. 

During Mirotic promotions, DBSK’s Changmin kept on telling SHINee that Replay should’ve been theirs. He really wanted Replay for themselves because it’s a song that never gets old.

Cheongdam-dong is a ward of Gangnam-gu in Seoul

what presents/gifts have you given to your parents since your debut?

what presents/gifts have you given to your parents since your debut?